# Welcome

# Big news

We deploy features faster than we are able to describe them! V1 is out there, and you can access to it on https://wallet.xbull.app (it's currently being deployed to the Chrome Store, Firefox Store and Google Play Store too).
This documentation will be updated in the next few weeks with all the new functionalities our wallet have.

Hi there! Welcome to the documentation of the last wallet you will ever need to handle your Stellar Assets 😉. xBull is a non-custodial wallet aimed to serve as a bridge between websites/users and the Stellar blockchain.

This documentation is under construction

# Still in BETA stage

This version is still in BETA stage and we are updating it constantly, please be aware of this and use it with precaution.

All your private keys are encrypted and stored locally, only you have access to them using your password. Please always keep your Mnemonic phrases to be able to restore them later.

After every update the documentation will be updated with the correct information, once we hit the version 1.0.0 we will separate each version of the documentation.