xBull Wallet The wallet for Pro users!

The most versatile Stellar Wallet in the whole network… Created by demanding developers, for demanding users.

Because we needed more features

Why you will love it?

Fully featured

xBull is for pro users and pro users need access to all types of operations the network offers

Privacy focused

Fully Open Source and fully self custody: your keys, your coins. Only you have access to your data

Make it your own

Name your accounts, keep multiple wallets, set backgrounds, add nodes and APIs… It’s yours!

Security as its core

Everything is encrypted on your device and if you don’t trust us, we are compatible with hardware wallets!

Powered by the Stellar blockchain

With awesome features from the network

The Stellar network allows builders to create perfect experiences and xBull Wallet is no exception. Send, receive and swap your assets easily and with almost no cost at all thanks to the decentralized system built into the network.
Available where you need it

One wallet, multiple platforms supported

Browser extension

Connect and interact with web 3.0 without the risk, websites won’t have access to your private keys and you can always check before you sign a transaction¬†

Progressive web app

It’s a website, it’s an app, no! It’s a progressive web app! A version you can access from everywhere and still feel a full fledge application experience

Mobile version

xBull Wallet is compatible with both Android and iOS so you can have all xBull’s features directly in your phone! Send, receive, and much more directly from your device
Wallet preview

Check how it looks!


Fully Open Source +
Fully transparent

xBull Wallet is completely open source, it has included an AGPL-3.0 license since day one and we are proud in providing a tier 1 wallet to the community. Our code is publicly available on GitHub and you can check it yourself

Proudly created by the team at Creit Tech

Creit Technologies LLP


1626 Duranleau Street

Granville Island, Vancouver