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We love Apple products and we think their products have a really high quality… but let’s face it, Apple is probably the worst company when we talk about freedom for its users and it almost feels like a government always telling you what you can and can not use with YOUR device.

This behavior has its pros and cons because not everything is bad but when we talk about xBull is bad… Apple won’t let us publish our app because of one rule in the App Store, they suggested us to reduce the amount of features our App has in order to get into the App Store which we won’t do for two reasons: It’s stupid and we don’t want to.

Side-loading an iOS app

When using an Android phone, you have the freedom you deserve when installing an app: You want to be sure your app has been reviewed? Go to the Play Store, You want to install that App that is not allowed to be in the Play Store? You go and download it without issues… On iOS the story is completely different because Apple don’t want you to be free, they don’t want you to have options and prefer to force you to only install what they say is good for you.

But, we love freedom and lot of people around the world too. Thankfully there are some devs that want others to have the freedom they deserve and are constantly creating ways to sideload apps on iOS, some of them are easier than others, we are developers and we know how to install the app in our phones without needing to ask Apple for permission but not everybody knows how to do it and in this guide we will teach you how to use one third party app which it’s been growing in popularity lately from iOS users who want to have more freedom (it is not perfect, but is the best we have so far).


The AltStore is an App Store alternative created by developers and has been working for a few years, with it you can install apps on your phone which can not be published on the App Store for specific reasons. If you want, you can learn more about it on and if you like then install it on your phone

Keep in mind that just like when you decide to jump into the crypto world so you can have the freedom you deserve, it also means you now have more responsibilities and when using these types of apps is the same: you need to be careful.

We recommend you creating a separated iOS account just for this app so you keep your main account secured.

Our iOS build

If you have a way to sideload apps on your iDevice, you will need our .ipa version and you can download it here: Your freedom