xBull Wallet it’s free and everybody is welcome to use it, the extension is compatible with all chromium based browsers (Chromium, Chrome, Brave, etc), it’s available on mobile (Both iOS and Android) and is also available as a progressive web app so it can be accessed from anywhere.

Our wallet is open source and it means the code will always be available, the repository of the code will always be up to date while third party stores could take a few days to update our app to the latest version.

Web browser extension

The easiest way to install xBull in your browser is downloading it from the Chrome extension store here or from the Firefox ADD-ONS store here

Android version

The Android version is available in the Play Store, this version is compatible with all new Android versions and it can work on old devices. You can download it from the store by clicking here

iOS version

Apple App Store guidelines are a pain in the ass and unfortunately an open source Stellar wallet with the capabilities xBull has is not accepted by their rules… So this means xBull Wallet won’t be in the App Store until Apple changes their policy against our type of app (or until we remove the features they don’t like from our app which we are not going to do).

F*CK THEM! We believe that we are owners of our phones and we should be able to do with them whatever we want to do and not needing to follow what gatekeepers say, so we have prepared a guide on how to ignore Apple’s rules and being able to install whatever iOS app you want from outside of the App Store, you can check it here

Building the Extension

In the crypto space you need to be careful because somebody could want to steal your coins, we’re aware of this and we believe that options and transparency are the best way to avoid that.

So since xBull Wallet is public code (and will always be), you don’t need to trust us to use it so we make it easy to download the source code and build it yourself. Follow the steps below and make your own build locally:

Clone the source code from the repository:

git clone

Move into the folder and get the dependencies from NPM with:

npm install

After you have installed all the dependencies, you can now make the build. Our wallet is available on multiple platforms so depending on the platform you want to use you will need to use one command or another one. These commands will generate the builds inside the dist folder:

For an extension version:

npm run deploy:chrome
// OR
npm run deploy:firefox

For a mobile version

npm run deploy:android && npx cap sync android
// OR
npm run deploy:ios && npx cap sync ios

For a web version

npm run deploy:website

Once you have generate the build, you will need to install it on your browser/device/etc depending on what version you generated.

Make sure you are getting the dependencies from the correct source and that those aren’t changed. A malicious dependency can be harmful if they find a way to get your keys so if you are going to build the wallet yourself please make sure every dependency is the correct one.