Which are the fees?

Our wallet is open source and completely free but our farming service has different fees and here we explain everything related to them. Each strategy has its own fees and these fees are separated in 3 types:

Deposit fee

This fee is paid when depositing funds into the vault, the percentage is charged based on the asset being deposited and if the strategy has a “0%” deposit fee it means this will be skipped.

Example: If the strategy has 0.5% of deposit fee and you deposit $USDC 100 you will pay $USDC 0.5 in fees.

Withdraw fee

This fee is paid when the funds are withdrew from the vault and the vault is closed, the percentage is charged after assets has been removed from the pool and before they are sent to the depositor, this fee does not apply for the vault XLM balance which was deposited when creating the vault. Like the deposit fee, this could also be “0” if the strategy specifies that.

Example: If the strategy has 0.2% of withdrawal fee and your vault has $AQUA 893, $EURC 48 and $USDC 52 on hand after withdrawing from the pool, you will pay $AQUA 1.768, $EURC 0.096 and $USDC 0.104 in fees.

Holding fee

This fee is charged on a monthly basis (it will start being charged on January 2023) and it’s charged at the start of the month. The fee is based on the TVL your vault has into pools (it won’t count value on hand) and it will be calculated on the amount of LP shares.

Example: If the strategy has a holding fee of 1.65% and your vault has $USDC 11.12, $yUSDC 24.32, $AQUA 42,234.59 and 150 LP shares. You will pay 0.20625 shares each month while no fees on the assets your vault hasn’t deposit into the pool.

And this is the fee structure of our farming service, clear and simple with no small print. If we change the fee structure at any point we will notify it with at least 30 days in advance so every user can decide what to do with enough time. Keep farming 😀