The easiest way to buy Gift Cards with XLMs

Connect the real world with your Stellar Assets by buying Gift Cards without leaving your wallet. Access to more than 14000 different products and pay with your preferred asset in the Stellar Network.


Buy Gift Cards from multiple brands around the world in just 3 simple steps


Directly from your xBull Wallet, search for the Gift Cards you want either by searching their names or by the country where they can be used.

Set the amounts

Once you have found the Gift Cards you want to buy, pick the amount of the card and the asset you want to use to pay.

Confirm and redeem

Generate your order and sign the transaction to complete the order, once if paid you can check the redeem code directly from the orders section.

The key features you will fall in love with

xBull Wallet is a wallet aimed at those who always want more and more features… and our Gift Card service is a service for those users.

Privacy focused

Buy directly from your wallet without giving up your privacy, no email or phone number is required in the process.

Simple fee

Buying Gift Cards in xBull Wallet is easy and knowing the fee to pay too, a flat fee of $USD 0.97 for almost all of the products!

Quick and Cheap

The Stellar Network is cheap and fast… And buying Gift Cards from xBull Wallet is not the opposite.

All Assets accepted

Thanks to the Stellar Network’s built-in decentralized exchange, you can pay with any asset in the network if there is enough liquidity to fill the order!

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