# How to get xBull Wallet

xBull Wallet it’s free and everybody is welcome to use it, the extension is compatible with all chromium based browsers (Chrome, Brave, Edge, etc).

# Chrome and Firefox extension

The easiest way to install xBull in your browser is downloading it from the Chrome extension store here or from the Firefox ADD-ONS store here

Github version will always be the latest version while the Chrome Store will get the latest version around 3-4 days later the code is on Github.

# Building the Extension

In the crypto space you need to be careful because somebody could want to steal your coins, we're aware of this and we believe that options and transparency are the best way to avoid that.

xBull Wallet is public code and will always be, you don't need to trust us to use it so we make it easy to download the source code and build it yourself. Follow the steps below and make your own build locally:

You will need to have GIT, Node JS and NPM installed to be able to generate the build

Clone the source code from the repository:

git clone https://github.com/Creit-Tech/xBull-Wallet.git

Move into the folder and get the dependencies from NPM with:

npm install

Generate the application build and its manifest:

npm run deploy:chrome


npm run deploy:chrome

This will generate a folder dist and inside this one you will find a folder called xbull where all the required files will be saved. The deploy script generates both in production mode so you will get the same build we have in the Chrome Store or Firefox Store.

Now that you have the build generated you only need to install it into your browser, we won't get into details about it but here is an easy guide on internet

Make sure you are getting the dependencies from the correct source and that those aren't changed. A malicious dependency can be harmful if they find a way to get your keys so if you are going to build the wallet yourself please make sure every dependency is the correct one.