# A laboratory for Advance users

The Stellar Blockchain has multiple features that could be useful in multiple situations, it's almost impossible that a single wallet could handle everything we need and that's why we create the Laboratory page in xBull.

The Laboratory is available to all the users with the advanced mode checked, in this section you will find features you might not find in most of the wallets in the market but xBull wants to change that.

ALERT: The targets of the laboratory are advanced users or those who would like to test wallet features in their early stages, please avoid using these features if you're not sure about what you're doing and do not sign or send transactions created in this section to people if you don't know about it.

# Manually sign an XDR string

Sometimes we just need to sign a transaction without submitting it to the network (probably a multi signature situation), in those situations you could use the Import XDR feature from xBull.

In this feature you can import the XDR string directly to xBull and sign it with your active account, after you paste the XDR and click on Sign XDR you will be able to check every transaction that is included in the XDR. After you have signed it, you can just click on Copy signed XDR and this will automatically copy the signed XDR to your clipboard.

# Claiming claimable balances

Do you have claimable balances? Claim them easily! xBull Wallet allows you to get all claimable balances where your account is part of and it also lets you check the conditions when they can be claimed.

Each claimable balance has its own conditions to claim, we show all the details to claim the balance and even for other public keys... Why? Well, you should be able to see ALL of the details where your account is involved.

Claimable balances are a really powerful feature the Stellar Blockchain has, learn more about them here