xBull Wallet is and will always be a privacy focused project plus being 100% Open Source.

To use our Wallet you will never need to share your email, phone nor any other kind of personal information we could use. If you want to use extra services that require identification you will be notify about it before and you will always be free to avoid using such features.

xBull Wallet’s apps (extension and mobile) don’t use any kind of tracking system, the only metrics we have access to are those that stores keep like amount of users that have downloaded the app.

Even our site is privacy focused! We don’t use cookies nor non-privacy focused services like Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Google Tag manager, etc. We do analytics is in our website (https://xbull.app) and you can even visit our site using tracking blockers and you will see our website is free of them! We prefer to paid anonymous tracking solutions like Plausible because we believe privacy is important.

xBull Wallet is a product of a registered business, if you would like to know more about our privacy policy for xBull Wallet, check here.

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