# Where we are and where are we going

xBull Wallet is one of our products and here at Creit Tech we are proud of it, it all started as a mobile app for one of our products and then we pivoted into an extension one which all the community could benefit off.

The journey is long and it's just starting, here is a quick view about our roadmap:


Our first stage is the ALPHA version (0.5.0 > version > 0.0.0), during this phase we are setting the basics of the wallet and it's where most changes can happen. This phase is also the one where more bugs are present and it's the reason we are constantly updating (we already know most the bugs that are present in this phase).

Bugs don't scare us as long as the private keys of the users are safe, that's why we encrypt the keys as soon as they are generated but because it's still an ALPHA stage we recommend you to use it with precaution if you are using your main wallet.

At the end of this phase xBull has all the capabilities to work as a basic wallet and it offers basically everything others wallets do.

ALPHA version starts on July 2021


Once we reach the version 0.5.0 we are in BETA stage, in this phase the wallet is really stable but it could still have some bugs. During the BETA phase it's where we add the features most wallets don't have and it's the moment where our features move us away from others options.

This version of the app is longer than the ALPHA one and it's because we want to have a fully stable app before we reach 1.0.0. The BETA version is the one that includes more advanced features and it's where more bug fixing is done.

The goal during the version is setting the base to start including SEP standards into the Wallet, but that doesn't mean we can't include them during this phase so it's also a possibility that we include at least the ones we need the most.

BETA version runs between August 2021 and December 2021

# Where can I see the state of the development?

Transparency, transparency is the KEY and that's why we are so transparent with the development of xBull. If you want to know the state of the development you can checkout our boards in our Github page here.