# All your operations in one place

Every account has its own operations and every wallet show them in their own way, we know Blockchain can be something difficult to understand but at the same time we know there are users who really need to check every single detail about their operations.

Here @ Creit Tech we are developers and we understand how the Blockchain works, we knew we needed a powerful wallet we could use for our work but we also wanted users using a tool which makes easy to interact with the Stellar Network

# The default mode

By default the wallet only shows transactions and filters all other kind of operations from this section, this is by design and is a method to offer an friendly experience.

These transactions are the operations: Create Account, Merge account, Payment, Path payment strict send and Path payment strict receive. All other kind of operations will be hidden until the user decides to show all of them.

Why doing this? (some people will ask), well we do this for three reasons:

  • Users who are just starting don't understand everything about the Stellar Network and we believe that is better to offer the most common features first and slowly getting access to everything else.
  • There is no point to overwhelm users with features like making their own operations chains or showing them an allow_trust operation they just got if they only care about receiving a payment.
  • Because it's flexible, we don't limit users and if they want they can just pick all the operations they want to list in this section.

# Select the operations you would like to see

Flexibility, that's how we do it. You can select which kind of operations you would like to see in the transactions section. Just go to the settings page and select Active operation types, there you will see the list of all kind of operations the wallet handles, pick those you want to see.

Hiding these kind of transactions doesn't mean you are deleting them from your wallet. Remember that everything is on the Stellar Network so they will never be deleted from your account, this is only a visual feature from our wallet.